LIFESTYLE PETS has produced the world's first scientifically-proven  hypoallergenic cats. These pets allow some of the millions of people with feline allergies to finally enjoy the love and companionship of a household pet without suffering from allergic symptoms.      Click to bookmark


Since LIFESTYLE PETS began deliveries of its first hypoallergenic pet in 2006, the response from our customers has been very positive. Our customers are overjoyed that the LIFESTYLE PETS hypoallergenic kittens are the only genuine opportunity for them and their family to own and enjoy the companionship of a cat.

As part of the purchase process you may wish to speak to some of our customers and you get a first hand view of their experiences with our pets:

Here are some of their stories:

                                                              JENNIFER E, USA (Jan 2013)


We had our cat, Meowie, delivered to us in 2006 and she is an absolutely wonderful cat, as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.  My husband is extremely allergic (normally gets asthma around a cat) but is able to live with Meowie.  If you like, you can put a pic of Meowie on your website and/or post a testimonial from us.

(Note from ALLERCA: Jennifer received one of our very early cats which came in white or black. Since then we have added to our breeding pool and our cats are now uniformly golden with black stripes and spots).

TOM H, USA (Nov 2011)

Earlier this year we received our eagerly anticipated kitten from Lifestyle Pets, and she was an instant success.  Our three children immediately fell in love with the sweet, affectionate, and quite beautiful kitten, and my wife, who had never had a cat before due to her allergies, was enchanted as well.  Things proceeded quite happily until last month when our beloved cat died in a tragic accident.  I was a quite a loss as to how I was going to break the news to our children that day, and the first call I made after contacting my wife was to Lifestyle Pets to explain our predicament.  In the face of our difficult situation, Lifestyle Pets came to the rescue by immediately volunteering to get us another kitten, and to rush it to us the very next week, all at no charge to us!    I can't tell you how relieved I was, and how much easier it made the situation when explaining things to our children, that in the face of our loss we would be getting a "sister" of our lost kitty to come live with us.  While the experience was still very hard on us all, the quick and generous response of Lifestyle Pets has made a terrible situation much more bearable.  The new kitten has already won her way into the hearts of our family, and while we still miss our wonderful cat, we are thrilled to have this new family member to help us move on.

ALLYN L, USA (Oct 2011)

Thank you so much for sending our wonderful new little kitten!  We’ve named her Bella, and she is about 6 months old now.  She is SO cute and fun – but she is also amazingly smart!  She learned on her own how to play fetch with a little fuzzy toy mouse that we have.  She loves to play fetch and will return the mouse over and over to me, and my husband and I both play for HOURS with her!  As I am in a wheelchair and this gives me so much joy!!  She is also a little love-bug, and will snuggle up in my lap and purr like crazy. Bella is our second Lifestyle kitten – our other 4 year old cat is named Blazey and he is the sweetest cat on the planet!  Thanks so very much to you and Lifestyle for allowing me to have kitties in my life again.  Many in our family are allergic to regular cats, and it simply wasn’t possible to have cats in the house before.  But now, it is so fun to be able to enjoy kitties in our life again!

PHILIP D, USA (January 2011)

Thor has been such a blessing; he is truly an awesome cat. He's playful, fun loving, and affectionate. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have such an awesome cat. Thank you Simon, from the bottom of my heart. We would have not been able to have a cat with my allergies and this cat does not bother me at all.

YUICHI Y, JAPAN (June 2010)

Milan is pretty well. She is very smart and friendly. In addition, She is “sensible”. Your toilet training is perfect.  Of course, she has no symptom of illness. She is growing up very nicely. Though I have a heavy allergy of dogs and cats and so on, I have no disease presentation related to such allergy. Many thanks.

JEFF D, USA (Jan 2010)

"Here is your  BIG Thank You!  Our girls are so happy with the little kitty.  He may be the most mellow, lovey kitten I have ever seen. He is so affectionate, and well adjusted. It was a LONG process, but worth it. He is the best!-Thanks Again"



"Our kitty is happy and playful, and bonding with each of us.   We definitely love her.   She is sweet and affectionate and is fast becoming the princess of the house.   I cannot believe that I can cuddle with her, even rub her fur on my face, and I have no symptoms whatsoever." 


" hideously allergic husband and a guest who has a history of going into anaphylactic shock had no reaction around our Pikachu [ALLERCA GD hypoallergenic cat]."


"Just wanted to let you know that we are the happiest family ever. .. Sox is the best cat I have ever had.  You were right, he is super friendly.  We love him and he loves us.  He’s almost like a dog in some ways. He meets us at the door when we come home, and loves to go in the car to pick up the girls from school.  His favorite place to sit is on my shoulder.  When he gets bigger this might be a problem.  Ha Ha...   Thank again for sending us such a wonderful kitten.  He is so loved!  And by the way, no allergies at all.  Yeah!!!" 



"Stella has a wonderful loving personality, is super adaptable, loves to ride in the car and visit our friends, takes naps with her paws resting on us and basically is our idea of the perfect cat.  We can’t say how happy we are and how fortunate we feel to have her. Thanks again for all you do.
What r u charging repeat clients?!"



"Thank you for helping us get the kitten before the holiday.  We are very pleased.  We will find out tonight how my mother reacts to the kitten.  Hopefully, she will not be allergic.......

My mother did not seem to have any allergic reaction to the kitten while she visited for two days ... on another note, the kitten is adjusting very well.  He is very playful and affectionate.  We are very happy. Thank you."


"I am sorry I did not write to you today but we could not find the [CHAKAN] kitten for FIVE HOURS and I couldn't bear to tell you that!  I know I should have gone out first thing this morning and gotten the collar with the bell on it which Simon recommended, but we were enjoying playing with her so much that we didn't pay attention to the time.  We let her explore a small area of the house after spending the night in our warm family room.  (By the way, she is using her kitty litter and eating up a storm).  She appeared to be comfortable staying in this limited area, so Ben and I left her on her own for a few minutes while we went to change clothes and get ready to go out.  When we came to look for her, she was GONE.  We looked everywhere and could not find her.  We cancelled our first appointments so that we could stay home and continue looking for her.  After two hours of scouring the house, every nook and cranny, high and low, we were heartbroken and scared.  We then needed to go out to one appt. which we couldn't cancel, so we had to leave the house, not knowing where the kitten was.  Two hours later we came back with my husband and within ten minutes, he had located the kitten sleeping soundly behind a row of books on a low bookshelf in our library.  It was so dark back there we could not see her.  Thank goodness my husband has x-ray eyes!  And we have learned our lesson.  We will no longer let her explore without a bell on and we will keep a close eye on her until she's lived her for a few weeks."


"Cody is absolutely adorable. The family is very happy. He is very active and has quite a meow. So far so good with the allergies."


"[Diva] ... is happy here in Fl chasing salamanders around our Lanai."



"She is a wonderful pet, and my super-allergic husband does not have any allergic reactions around her, so she is absolutely non-allergenic as promised."


"Just wanted to let you know that Victor made it .... he is very friendly.  So far my husband Dave hasn't had any noticeable reactions to him.  We are going to have my mother in law come over some time this week to see how she does [no reaction]."




"We have a beautiful Tortoise-Shell Female who has become a welcome addition to our family. The kids absolutely love her.  I was skeptical about the possibility of the cat not affecting my wife's allergies -- But after a short time of getting acquainted, our cat is the ONLY animal my wife has EVER been able to hold, and she has been highly allergic her whole life.  I'm a dog-person myself but totally love this cat. She was so easy to train! She uses her own self-flushing potty on a toilet!! You may wait a long time for the delivery of your cat, but its definitely worth the wait."


"We signed up right away when we heard about the allergy free kittens, fending off questions like [will they have fur?] from friends and relatives. We met our kitten online via photo and she is beautiful - a silver tabby shorthair kitten. She flew on an airplane to come to us. 

When she came home we were supposed to watch for any allergic reactions - I can say that we have had no respiratory issues at all! I had slight skin itchiness for a week or so on the back of my hand, but I have gotten over it and there are no issues at all now. She plays and runs about the house and is such a joy for us. We love cats and are so pleased to have our allergy free kitten underfoot! "



"I had been looking for a pet for over a year that wouldn't make my eyes swell, my skin itch and make me sneeze endlessly. 


I was about to give up having tried just about every breed when I heard of the ALLERCA GD cats. I now have "Sela" and couldn't be happier. It's a miracle every time she jumps up on my lap and I am totally fine.


No sneezing, not itching! She is loving and just a joy to have in my life!"


"We have had Kiki since June 2007, and he has brought much joy and happiness into our lives.  I grew up with a Siamese cat, Lizzie, who died when I was a teenager.  I was allergic to Lizzie, but suffered through because I loved her and I am a huge, huge, cat lover.  Since then, my allergies have actually gotten worse and I can not be in a house for very long with a regular cat, (or dog, or bunny, etc.).  When near a cat, I usually begin having symptoms within the first 15 minutes; runny nose, sneezing, coughing, trouble breathing, and itchy watery eyes.  I could usually tolerate it for a few hours and then I have to leave.  It usually takes another hour or more for me to return to normal.  I'd take multiple daily allergy medications, which helped, but only enough so I could suffer through these visits for a few hours.   

When Kiki first came to live with us, I did experience a few very minor symptoms.  Some increased nasal symptoms and occasional itchy eyes if I touched them after petting Kiki.  After about a month, my symptoms have disappeared.   

Kiki is a great cat.  He is fun, playful, and intelligent.  He loves to chase a laser pointer or anything long and fuzzy.  He loves to be petted and loves to be with us.  He follows us from room to room in the house to be near us.  He is extremely well behaved, yet curious too.  He makes the cutest meow sounds when he wants attention, and he purrs up a storm when we pet him.  He’s just a great, regular cat who doesn’t cause me allergies.  I am so very delighted to finally be able to live with a cat again.  Thank you LIFESTYLE PETS!."


"This summer we were given the pleasure of receiving “Jet”, our kitten from LIFESTYLE PETS. Our home has long been devoid of pets because of my allergies, particularly to cats. I knew that my daughter Rosanna and my wife Mary Ann were desperate to get a cat, but I was trepidatious about it as I didn’t want a return of my allergy symptoms. For the last number of years, I’ve been free of allergies and definitely didn’t want them back. When I heard about the ALLERCA GD cats, I immediately signed up for a kitten. I knew that a genetic variant, if it could be found would be huge for people with allergies.

I was nervous when Jet arrived, because I knew that within 5 seconds my girls would fall in love with him. And they did! He is a gorgeous fun furball. Without fear, he immediately took to our home and made our place his. We had to have the 2 week trial where I could figure out if he activated my allergies. I knew there would be screaming and gnashing of teeth if he had to leave.

I didn’t have a problem. Jet is now a permanent part of our family. Like all kittens he runs and jumps and chases like crazy and then immediately falls asleep. In 6 weeks he gained over a pound and seemed to grow before our eyes. Rosanna can’t keep her hands off of him and snuggles and hugs and kisses him like there’s no tomorrow. And he loves her right back. When Rosanna isn’t in the house, Jet comes and sits with us or investigates. He particularly likes computer keyboards and chasing the “fly” on the computer screen. Rosanna says he’s the best thing to happen to her all year.

A pet can be a great thing for a family. I hear more laughter and more calmness because he’s around. Rosanna’s attention and responsibility has grown with her. We can feel our blood-pressure go down as he sits with us and we pet him. We are happy to have him and we thank LIFESTYLE PETS for making the opportunity for us."