LIFESTYLE PETS provides the world's first scientifically-proven  hypoallergenic cats. These pets allow some of the millions of people with feline allergies to finally enjoy the love and companionship of a household pet without suffering from allergic symptoms.      Click to bookmark



This page contains important information followed by a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any additional questions, please call or email us and we will gladly respond.


  • Our company is now in its 11th year of operations, which began in 2004.

  • ALLERCA Lifestyle Pets delivered its first hypoallergenic kitten in October 2006.

  • In 2006, the ALLERCA GD cat was honored as one of TIME magazine's Best Inventions.

  • We have delivered kittens to numerous international locations including Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Finland and many others.


  • Sometimes people ask us if our hypoallergenic pets are genuine. ALLERCA GD cats have been featured on a number of national and international televisions shows, including The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show (also featuring a client), NBC, CNN, etc. Of note is that The Today Show and CBS Early Show broadcasts were live on-camera trials with allergic individuals (including well known TV presenters) successfully exposed to the ALLERCA GD cats  - the ultimate live test! Below you can watch some selected clips:


  • There are NO other types of scientifically proven hypoallergenic cats, regardless of claims made by certain breeders (not even the hairless breeds - see section below "BEWARE: THE TRUTH ABOUT HYPOALLERGENIC BREEDS"). Many of our clients have tried these other "so-called" hypoallergenic cat breeds and have seriously reacted, sometimes resulting in hospital treatment. These same people had no reaction to our cats and 5% come back to purchase a second hypoallergenic pet. 

  • For an independent report (PDF) on the tested differences between the ALLERCA kittens and standard kittens, click here (will open in a new window)

  • ALLERCA Lifestyle Pets does not claim 100% success for the hypoallergenic cats, as there are still a number of minor variables and each individual is different; however, we have a 96% success rate amongst our clients who are extremely allergic to cats. All of our cats are provided with a 30 day return policy allowing you to live with one of our pets and ensure your are compatible with each other (in addition to our 12 month guarantee).

LIFESTYLE PETS GD Kitten with Client - Rachael Ray Show


  • Unlike cat breeders who will try to sell you a "so-called" hypoallergenic cat breed with no scientific backing, ALLERCA conducted an independent study under the supervision of world renowned UCLA allergist, Dr. Sheldon Spector. This study confirmed that none of the human subjects exposed to the ALLERCA GD cats reacted while those same subjects exposed to non-ALLERCA GD cats demonstrated classic symptoms of a feline allergic reaction, including watery eyes, runny noses, hives and itchy skin.

  • In addition to human exposure trials we commissioned and independent genetic tests to demonstrate the difference between our cats and others. For a report (PDF) on the tested differences between the ALLERCA kittens and standard kittens, click here (will open in a new window)

  • Beware of "so-called" hypoallergenic cat breeds, such as Siberians, Russian Blues or hairless cats (we love these hairless cats but they are probably the worst cat for people with allergies because you come into direct contact with the cat's skin and the allergens). We have seen all sorts of claims made, and plenty of these breeders continue to claim that their pets have "hypoallergenic fur" (if you have read through our website you will understand how absurd such claims are). NONE of these cat breeds are truly hypoallergenic and you are very liable to react to these animals with serious consequences. Even if you do not react immediately, a reaction WILL occur as allergen from these cats builds up in your home environment over time. In our years providing hypoallergenic cats we have spoken to many people who have unsuccessfully tried these "so-called" hypoallergenic breeds, people who have then become clients and owners of our own kittens.


Is there information regarding the independent verification of your claims?


LIFESTYLE PETS has spent much time and energy in achieving its final goal of delivering consistently hypoallergenic cats to our customers, and therefore our protocols and procedures remain proprietary and confidential.

However, in 2006 we conducted a highly successful trial supervised by Dr. Sheldon Spector, a renowned allergist at UCLA. Since then we have conducted our own trials, and of course, having begun deliveries of kittens to customers in 2006, we have had a great positive response from our clients, who are now living for the first time with a kitten (also see the Testimonials page on our website).

For an independent report on the tested differences between the ALLERCA kittens and standard kittens, click here (will open in a new window)

Can other factors still make you allergic to the LIFESTYLE PETS kittens besides Fel D1?


LIFESTYLE PETS has only completed research specific to Fel D1, the major cat allergen. To date we have not seen any confirmed reactions to Fel D1 in known cat allergic individuals who have been exposed to the LIFESTYLE PETS cats.

Cats produce three other allergens (termed the minor allergens) named Fel D2, 3 and 4 and occasionally clients may react to one of these allergens. When a reaction happens it is usually much less than a standard cat allergic reaction and in most cases our allergic client will desensitize after a few days. In rare cases a reaction continues and in this scenario a client can choose to return the pet within the 30 day trial period.

Will my kitten be declawed or can I declaw my kitten?  

At LIFESTYLE PETS we are strongly against declawing and do not recommend the procedure. If you decide to declaw your kitten, all warranties, guarantees will become null and void.

One option are vinyl nail caps applied to your kitten's claws that effectively cover the claws so no damage occurs when your kitten scratches. For additional information on Soft Paws please visit the manufacturer’s website at

If I am allergic to the LIFESTYLE PETS kitten can it be returned for a refund?


We allow you to keep your hypoallergenic kitten for up to 30 days to ensure compatibility and you can return your pet within this timeframe for a full refund.

We have yet to see any proven allergic reaction to the main Fel D1 cat allergen in known cat allergic individuals who have been exposed to, or who own our cats; however, occasionally we see a reaction that we believe is associated with other minor allergens in cats, and so in the rare event that someone should react we will help you to return the kitten (within 30 days or receipt) and you can then request a refund.

Can we order two kittens of the same gender?


If you purchase two kittens in the same order, we would do our utmost to provide you with two of the same gender. Please note that you may have to wait a few weeks longer than if you allow our automated system to allocate your kittens. 

Is there any way to visit an ALLERCA pet or the breeding facility prior to purchase?


For reasons of security and hygiene control we do not provide public access to our breeding facilities

As for visiting with a kitten, a couple of hours exposure does not provide any real indication of long term exposure, which is why we allow you to keep your ALLERCA pet in your home environment for up to 30 days to ensure compatibility or return to us for a full refund.

How do I purchase a LIFESTYLE PETS GD kitten?


To proceed, please click on the" How To Purchase" tab at the top of this page and follow the instructions. If you have any specific questions that cannot be answered in this FAQ, please call us by phone or contact us via email.


Can I choose a kitten's gender and color?


Yes, you are given choices at the time that you place an order, and we will do our best to accommodate your choices of color and gender.


If we want more than one LIFESTYLE PETS kitten, will we receive them at the same time?


If you purchase your kittens under the same order and they are the same type of LIFESTYLE PETS, they will be delivered together.


Do your cats have any recurring health problems?


Our cats are extremely healthy and originate from strong breeding lines. However they are living creatures and sometimes an issue might arise - this is why our animals are covered by a one year guarantee.


Do you have a catalog or other printed information on the LIFESTYLE PETS kittens?


We do not have any printed material (catalogs, brochures etc). We aim to provide the most updated information on our web site.



Are there color variations in the current LIFESTYLE PETS animals? If so, what are they?


The ALLERCA GD kittens come in one general color pattern. The ASHERA GD come in one variation. Please view the HYPOALLERGENIC PETS page for more information and photos.


Do the LIFESTYLE PETS kittens still produce the Fel d1 allergen?


The LIFESTYLE PETS GD kittens do continue to express Fel d1, (the known allergen that is present in saliva, fur, dander etc.) but at a different molecular weight. In human exposure tests, and with further feedback from our clients that own LIFESTYLE PETS GD cats, this molecular weight does not trigger allergies in the same way that "normal" Fel d1 does.


How do you make your pets hypoallergenic?


The LIFESTYLE PETS GD pets have a naturally occurring gene mutation that produces a different "flavor" of the common cat allergen which in turn does not appear to cause allergic reactions in allergic individuals. The technology behind the discovery and detection of this mutation is proprietary but please refer to our website for an overview.


How long do the kittens remain with their mother? And are they socialized?


The LIFESTYLE PETS kittens remain with their mother until at least 12 weeks of age, at which time they are dispatched to their new owner. The LIFESTYLE PETS kittens receive many hours of human socialization every day from numerous trained personnel in addition to constant on-site veterinary monitoring.

At LIFESTYLE PETS, we want to ensure that your new kitten is healthy and fully socialized when he or she arrives at their new home. Clients have marveled at how friendly the kittens are on arrival and how quickly they adapt to their new homes.


How will my LIFESTYLE PETS kitten be delivered?


Your kittenwill be delivered to the nearest major airport ready for collection by you or someone you nominate. We will contact you nearer the delivery date and will discuss the most convenient airport.


Do the LIFESTYLE PETS GD pets have effect on asthma suffers?


Although we have not run any asthma specific trials, feedback from customers have indicated that asthma sufferers do not react to the LIFESTYLE PETS GD pets.